Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Never Enough Time !!

                                 Several months ago I bought a hankie box filled with wonderful vintage hankies. I put the box in the store and figured someday I would have time to launder and iron the hankies. Well,I sold the box sometime ago, but I still hadn't had the time to wash the hankeys, in fact I really hadn't taken the time to really look at the hankeys !!  I had no idea how beautiful and old these hankeys were. Most of them are silk wih embroidery and lace. Some have tatting on the edges, others are more simple. I love that most of them are that perfect not so white white too.
     They really made a nice Mother's Day display. Our customers say the Hankie Tree  makes them smile !!  


  1. Oh Sandi what a fabulous idea of the Hanki tree!! I love it.. your ideas always amaze and inspire me..I have to get down soon and check out the shop and grab me some of your great papers! what a storm we had here huh???I am so tired of this rain!!!!

  2. Forget the hanky's, if only I could fit my big feet into those fabulous little shoes!!!! Those are so cute!

  3. What an inspiring idea with the hankey tree! And I know what you mean about not having enough time...ROTP is so close and I want more time to prepare!!

  4. Hi Sandi!
    What a wonderful idea! I've saved these images and placed them in my inspiration file.

    Might I ask what sort of tree/branches you used for this display? I've been searching for something just like this forever.

    Have a great Friday!

  5. Your displays are always wonderful Sandi! I love anything (even hankies) in that not so white, white too!

  6. Hi Anne!
    I used birch branches that I gave a very light coat of off white spray paint. I find birch works best because it's light weight and easy to work with.

    Thanks for visiting !