Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Remnants of The Past Photos

 As I promised, pictures of my booth at Remnants of The Past show this last weekend...
 We set up an iron gazebo, well technically, half a gazebo. Just couldn't squeeze the whole thing in the space, but you get the idea. Thanks to two very patient friends for helping with the set up, who knew you could set up and take down a gazebo 5 times in less than an hour.... pretty hysterical, it would have made a great U-Tube video !!

I only had a couple of minutes to snap a few shots before the bell rang and all the fun began. In fact I was only able to get pictures of about half of the booth. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show and stopped by to say hello. All in all, the show was a great success and I think everyone had a wonderful time!! (Just to let you in on a little secret...Country Living Magazine was at the show all day shooting for a future article...how cool is that?? )

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Four Days and Counting.....

Till...Remants of the Past Vintage Show !!

I thought I would give you a peek at what you might see....

Now I know it doesn't look like much here and I know cardboard is not my usual mode of display, but by Saturday it should all come together...I have hunted and gathered some really great finds. When I agreed to do this show, I really only had 6 weeks to pull it together, but boy I had a great time getting it all done, and who needs sleep anyway? I've decided I can get so much more accomplished
 at 2:00 AM.....mmmm.

I hope you are planning on coming by to say hello and enjoy the show..and it's supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees.
(I guess by now you all know that I am a bit weather obsessed)
I will post pictures of the show after set up and the dust settles. There are going to be some really talented venders that I am really excited to see.
See you soon,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Never Enough Time !!

                                 Several months ago I bought a hankie box filled with wonderful vintage hankies. I put the box in the store and figured someday I would have time to launder and iron the hankies. Well,I sold the box sometime ago, but I still hadn't had the time to wash the hankeys, in fact I really hadn't taken the time to really look at the hankeys !!  I had no idea how beautiful and old these hankeys were. Most of them are silk wih embroidery and lace. Some have tatting on the edges, others are more simple. I love that most of them are that perfect not so white white too.
     They really made a nice Mother's Day display. Our customers say the Hankie Tree  makes them smile !!  

Monday, April 5, 2010

Exciting News !!!!

The Cottage has been asked to participate in
The Remnants of the Past Vintage Show !!

Many of you may know Judy Watkins, founder of the show, from her days as a shopkeeper here on the central coast,her most recent being Cala Antiques. Well, she gave up shopkeeping and started a twice annual show located in Nipomo at The Dana Powers House. (www.danapowershouse.com) Judy has gathered an amazing variety of venders to participate in this show which has been featured in several national magazines.

The Cottage will have a booth just outside of the barn door, so please be sure to stop by and say hello!

Check out Judys website for more info: