Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ham, Turkey or Prime Rib ???

Are You Ready ??
3 Days and Counting......
Is your tinsel hung?
Presents wrapped and under the tree?
Silver polished ? (does anyone really do that ?)
Cookies baked?
Well I can say yes to most of of that......
So do I really have to clean my house too?
I have been hosting Christmas dinner for the last 30 plus years at my house.
Now mind you, for the most part I really do enjoy it.....
But this year I'm having a tough time deciding what to fix for dinner.
Ham, Turkey, or Prime Rib ??
What do you think, does your family have a favorite ?
Let me know, I could really use some inspiration this year !
Merry Christmas from My Cottage to Your Cottage !!!
XOXO Sandi

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have you started your shopping yet ??

New this week...
You know those grain sack pillows we all love ??
Well, these pillows have that great look
without that great big price tag !!
We love these!!

French inspired basket with a great label...
Wouldn't this look great on a front door with fresh Christmas greens ??

Carolyn Westbrook's newest book
The rooms featured in this book are amazing..
We have lots of new jewelry stock
for all of your gift giving

These collage necklaces are the so fun!!

Grandmothers Buttons necklaces..always a good choice.
Most have buttons from the late 1800's in the design.

More great fun jewelry at very affordable prices ...
I would like to apologize for the not so great photos..for some reason my camera wouldn't take a photo without the auto flash. Personally I am not a fan of flash photography....but apparently my camera is....go figure...
Thanks for stopping by,