Monday, August 31, 2009

Where does It go?

I just don't know where it goes anymore,
it seems that I blinked and it was gone,
Time that is.
I realized that Summer was over, and that I hadn't done the Back to School
shopping that all the newspaper adds say I should be doing.

and then I realized that since my Children are adults now,
I don't need to Back to School shop....but somehow I feel I'm still missing out,
you know finding the perfect new shoes and the perfect First Day outfit,
all those new binders
and pens and pencils and papers........

It's funny the things that we associate with the change of seasons..........
the leaves turning, cooler temperatures, shorter days......

I may have to go and buy an eraser or two just so I Know that Fall is really coming!

Monday, August 17, 2009

What is it about White?

Decorating trends come and go,
but I have noticed that the coloAlign Leftr white
is one that doesn't seem fade. Sure there are different
takes on what is white
and how it's used. I love pairing it with black
or in this case silver.
This is probably one of my favorite window displays. Lots of texture and of course shine!
Maybe it's the purity and simplicity it can represent.

Add a little sparkle and it totally changes how we view it .

Add texture and an oragnic element

and it gives it a whole new feel.

At Home With White,
a great new book in the store filled with great ways
to update our take on the wonder of white.
I'd love to hear your opinions and ideas on how
you use white in your decorating projects. Do you think white is here to stay ?