Monday, August 31, 2009

Where does It go?

I just don't know where it goes anymore,
it seems that I blinked and it was gone,
Time that is.
I realized that Summer was over, and that I hadn't done the Back to School
shopping that all the newspaper adds say I should be doing.

and then I realized that since my Children are adults now,
I don't need to Back to School shop....but somehow I feel I'm still missing out,
you know finding the perfect new shoes and the perfect First Day outfit,
all those new binders
and pens and pencils and papers........

It's funny the things that we associate with the change of seasons..........
the leaves turning, cooler temperatures, shorter days......

I may have to go and buy an eraser or two just so I Know that Fall is really coming!


  1. We are desperately hanging to this last day of August. Even thought we are done with the BTS shopping...mentally, we are not there yet!!!

  2. Hello, I had to leave you a note to say what a heavenly blog you have here ! Such interesting and creative posts, and I love your pictures as well. Perfect ! Thank you for sharing them and best wishes.. have a good week

  3. I'm just starting my 11th consecutive year of university, and I tell you the thrill of new school supplies never seems to fade . . . new pens and paper are delicious.