Monday, March 28, 2011

Drying Out.....

We have been soaked with rain for the past few weeks here in California.....

And I think most of us are
  sooo glad to see a little sunshine...

  We (ok, me) are getting a little grumpy for lack of sunshine....not something we are used to doing without here in sunny California.

But today I looked out my back window and I saw this...

All those rainy days.....

Sooo worth it!!

From my really green back yard to yours,
(and I'm not even thinkin' of all the weeding I'll have to do)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Easter Goodies

Ahhhh....finally, the weather is starting to feel like Spring, although it did snow a couple of weeks ago. Who woulda thought, snow (ok, so maybe snow may be an exaggeration, there was white stuff on the ground for maybe an hour) in Feb. on the central coast of Calif.

Easter falls really late this year, April 24th to be exact...... 

So the Easter bunnies are out....

Nicole Sayer designs are here...

Glass glitter....great for making Easter pretties!!

This is a wonderful old iron vase (very heavy), I can really see this in my house, but I can't keep it all ya know !!!

Nice little twin iron bed

Cute fabric bags and totes for spring, love the floral prints!

grown lavender

I hope wherever you are,
 Spring is on it's way...

 And don't forget to set your
 clocks ahead on Sunday!!!
(Yeah! Extra daylight !!)