Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My loss, your gain.....

I was so excited to find this wonderful old, old step back cupboard. I had hoped to put it in my work room at home to store all of my fabrics and supplies in,.........but it was just a tad to big. But my loss is your gain, because it is now in the store...... ready for a new home!

 This picture does not show off the fantastic
 old chippy paint on this little chest.
 Just the right amount of chippyness and wonderful layers of paint.

 Nice buffet that is just the right length to put a flat screen
 TV on and perfect for storing all the other stuff that seems to accumulate.
 Great detail on the doors ...

Just in .....a custom made Salle Anne slip covered
 chair in white duck with khaki welting... of course always completely washable.
I have more shipments coming this week....come by and see what I've unpacked!

From my Cottage to Yours...
Have a great week, Sandi

Thursday, February 23, 2012

  I thought I would share what's been going on here at the store lately...
 It's been a week of moving, scooting,
re-doing, re-freshing, and doing a little (ok, a lot) of early spring cleaning (Still finding glitter from Christmas!!)...Funny how one thing turns into another before you know it. I guess the good news is, we have unpacked, hauled in, and re-arranged and well...see for yourselves...lot's of great new items in the store! 

 Love this armoire,
 just the right size!

Lots of birds and nests...
 of course

Crosses...with rulers!!

 Our front case done in a travel theme..


We have a
 nice selection of vintage
 frames right now,
 always so fun to decorate with, there is so much you can do with them!

Have a great weekend,
(personally, I'm spending it with my
 feet up and a good beverage)