Monday, August 17, 2009

What is it about White?

Decorating trends come and go,
but I have noticed that the coloAlign Leftr white
is one that doesn't seem fade. Sure there are different
takes on what is white
and how it's used. I love pairing it with black
or in this case silver.
This is probably one of my favorite window displays. Lots of texture and of course shine!
Maybe it's the purity and simplicity it can represent.

Add a little sparkle and it totally changes how we view it .

Add texture and an oragnic element

and it gives it a whole new feel.

At Home With White,
a great new book in the store filled with great ways
to update our take on the wonder of white.
I'd love to hear your opinions and ideas on how
you use white in your decorating projects. Do you think white is here to stay ?


  1. I believe White and it's many shades, is here to stay! One of the most versatile and beautiful colors in the palette to me. It has peaceful and calming energy. It's clean. It means "renew"....Sandi, thank you for your comment on my Blog, it means more to me than you'll ever know sweet girl. Beautiful music on your blog! xoxo Sherri

  2. I have always gone back to white...I am redoing my kitchen and I tried to stray...but much as I try...I always come back to my creamy white...There are soo many shades of white now too!...from pinks to yellows..tan..and even green tones...but the creamy milkshake kindof white always wins me over! I love your displays.. will need to try and add my white to a little silver...great idea!

  3. Marlene, how's the redo going? I agree, I like the milkshake whites too!

  4. Love your post of white. Loving this non-colour. It's great. Makes things big difference in all aspect when you paint it to white.


  5. When I got into the business, 10 years ago, people said to me: don't have only white because that will be gone soon! Here I am selling and buying white furniture like there's no tomorrow....My house id pretty much all white, my Sister house, the same. White is forever!

  6. My redo is ...still kitchen now for 3 weeks..I smiled when I read your post because this week we picked colors for the kitchen..I picked a yellow tone white..and painted half the kitchen and hated it!, then we got a green tone...nope..did not work...finally sent my husband back to get the creamy color I always use...and viola! I am happy ...why do we even try to change something that works???

  7. Oh yes, it is here to stay, Sandi! In all its beautiful shades and the textures we use it own! I love your picts.