Monday, July 27, 2009

The Outside

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since my last post!! It's been such a busy summer here,
I really don't know where the time goes. I really do need to see about getting that 8th day added to my week...... ha,ha!!

Well it occurred to me that I have shared much of the inside of The Cottage with you, but not the outside, so here it is. I am always curious about what the outsides of the shops I encounter in blogland look like, I guess I'm kind of a building junkie anyway. I've been known to drive around in a new town just checking out the old buildings really not caring if I go in...just love looking at the outsides......silly hugh??
Here's a little project that I finished up not to long ago. Nice little music cabinet in dire need of some.......well....let's just call it personality. It was a little boring..... and very brown.

And the After....

Lots more personality, don't ya think???


  1. This is an absolutely to-die-for redo! I love it!!!!

  2. Beautiful legs that little thing has...and now is truly full of personality! Your shop is darling!

  3. Do you have more traffic with the fair going on? We live in Los Osos, but don't get up to Paso often. I am hoping to make a detour into your shop when we go up for the fair.

  4. I do the same thing, Sandi.....I love to look at old homes and old architecture! Love that'll have to share your techniques with all of us. American Idol was so much affair!! Hope to see you soon....busy in my studio!

  5. Hi Sandi..I do the same.. love to drive around what you did with that brown table..a little paint is like magic.. You should share your techniques. Hey maybe a workshop class??
    My butternut still growing..I swear I think of that movie everytime I go in my greenhouse..I surprised someone remembered it! thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love the remake, it turned out great! Pack it up, I'll take it. I wish!

  7. Sandi,
    Thank you for wishing me happy anniversary it means alot...I popped in the shop the other day looks beautiful as always...Blessings Emily

  8. Sandi,
    I glad you posted the outside of your shop...yep that's the shop I was in..nice, really nice shop!! In facat I purchased a newel post in your patio area. Kept it for myself for awhile and brought it to Matildas mouse just recently. I think there's a pic of it on my blog..such a small world. The music cabinet turned out terrific!