Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ham, Turkey or Prime Rib ???

Are You Ready ??
3 Days and Counting......
Is your tinsel hung?
Presents wrapped and under the tree?
Silver polished ? (does anyone really do that ?)
Cookies baked?
Well I can say yes to most of of that......
So do I really have to clean my house too?
I have been hosting Christmas dinner for the last 30 plus years at my house.
Now mind you, for the most part I really do enjoy it.....
But this year I'm having a tough time deciding what to fix for dinner.
Ham, Turkey, or Prime Rib ??
What do you think, does your family have a favorite ?
Let me know, I could really use some inspiration this year !
Merry Christmas from My Cottage to Your Cottage !!!
XOXO Sandi


  1. Sandi ~
    Your shop looks wonderful!!
    I just love love to visit it when
    I am in Paso ~
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  2. I think everything is done....but then there is always something, huh?! We are actually doing ham AND prime rib. We have done all 3 in the past tho....big family :) And scalloped potatoes. That is a must! Happy Holidays Sandi...I hope to get up there soon to check out the store :)