Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rain, Rain, go away....Pleeease!

Wellll......I don't know about any of you, but I am sooooo tired of the RAIN !!!
I know I don't have much to complain about,
because some of you are waist high in snow,
and I feel for ya, really I do,
but there is a reason I live in California,
simply put......I NEED sunshine, yes there I said it.
And I really need a flea market fix!!!
Not only that, it has really put a damper on my projects.
Today I seriously considered using my hairdryer to get some paint to dry,
not wanting to wait three days for it to dry.
So as I seem to be spending my time watching paint dry,
I thought I would share what's new in the store.....
Believe it or not, this wonderful bed sat in my storage for about 8 years.
Now mind you, it didn't look like this then,
in fact it looked so bad neither myself or Mr. Cottage wanted to tackle it.
But after some re-doing,
and uncovering the original painting on the head board
(yes, someone actually painted over it !)
I think it turned out okay...don't you?
Love this old school photo !!

I found a new jewelry artist who makes really
amazing pieces of jewelry out of vintage
pieces reworked into wonderful designs, and very affordable too.

Lots of new cute kitchen stuff in, some great cookbooks too.

Well, I hope the sun is shining on your part of the world today,

Thanks for stopping by, Sandi


  1. OMGoodness, Sandi, I could have written your paragraph about the rain! I got caught in a downpour today. And, yes, I am waiting for paint to dry too...makes me a bit cranky. Is that a new bed? The shop looks beautiful. I need a "Cottage" fix.....a flea market sounds good too!:)

  2. Sandi ~
    Girl you live in California !! I dream of being there just to see the sun again ~
    My family has actually been telling me about all of the rain so everytime I think I will come visit for the sun I change my mind ~

  3. Well if you check my Blog..I also did a Post titled "Rain Rain go away" .....I am so sick of it..I realize now that I coudl NEVER live in Washington because the lack of Sun makes me depressed..I can't wait to get to my yard..I have so many planters to fill and a whole greenhouse to be planted...Hey..Any new papers at your shop???? I have some window screaming for new papers :-)

  4. Marlene, I will be placing an order soon, I'll let you know when!
    Thanks !

  5. We are all blogging about the rain. I agree:NO more rain...I'm also a Weather Challenged Californian!!!! LOL!!!

  6. I'm sure the situation will be better soon :)

  7. Looks like sun for the next ten days or so I hear, yeah!

    The picture of that bed just doesn't do it justice! It is really a beautiful bed. Your store looks better every time I go in. Oh and I LOVE my little burlap animal print I got for my kitchen. Thanks for such great stuff Sandi!