Thursday, December 10, 2009

Please forgive me !!!!!

I know........I've been bad....really bad....
I wouldn't be surprised if I were thrown out of bloggerville forever.
I confess, it's been nearly 6 weeks since my last post,
that's right, 6 WEEKS !!!
I hope you all can forgive me,
I hope the pictures below will make up for lost time......
Sweet paper fancies from Emily Morris for your special Valentine

And more Valentine goodies for your special someone..

Lots, and I mean lots of new jewelry..

Some made with vintage keys..

Spring is rolling in as well...

Isn't this just the cutest vanity and night stand..
all original paint too!!!

Well I hope I am forgiven for being a neglectful blogger..
I promise to do better..really
Thanks for stopping by,

P.S. This is really wierd, when I did this post,
blogger refused to let me change the date.
it still reads Decmeber....okay it's Jan. 27, 2010 .
I guess that's payback for not posting for long.....mmmmm


  1. Sandi ~
    Isn't it amazing how fast time goes !! Your pictures are beautiful ! I just adore your shop ~

  2. everything looks wonderful! I have to make my way down to come and see it all in person!

  3. Sandi~

    Anyone as busy as you must be given a free pass on blog post! BTW talking with some friends the other day and when I commented on her beautiful necklace she said "oh I got it at the Cottage on Pine don't you just love that place?" To which everyone else agreed. Of course.


  4. Well, just don't let it happen again, Sandi! Ha! You know we all need consistant eye-candy in "bloggerville?!" And, wow, you came through....the picts are just beautiful! Welcome back!

  5. You really have a cute shop! I see lots of pretty things I like. Thanks for your visit and your kind comments on my blog.

  6. Hi Sandi! I love your green dressing table..I think I saw this same one when I went last time..I posted the paper I bought from you with the Birds! I did a vintage window with it! Be sure to stop by my other blog I just posted it!
    and make sre to Follow my blog so you can see the
    clock door knobs that I will be posting soon once I finish!!! Marlene

  7. Hi Sandi~
    Is your dressform for sale? I have been looking for one just like it!

    Pamy j <3