Thursday, June 25, 2009

The One That Got Away......

You may remember in my last post I mentioned a dress form that I had recently sold.
Well, here she is...I know this is not the best picture but it was the only one I had as she was sold a day later. This was probably one of the best dress forms that I have ever had. You can't see in the picture but she has the wire cage bottom and her body had the best "patina " ever!!! I was told that she was from the late 1800's.
In the 10 years that I have been buying and selling, I could probably count one on hand the things that I have truly regretted selling and she ranks right up there. I know in my heart that I can't possibly keep everything, and I do enjoy seeing someone discover something that makes their heart beat a little faster...
Well off to find my next "hate to let it go", I know I can't keep it all.........
(Lucky for You !!)


  1. Seller remorse...I hate that! I regret selling a sideboard 10 years ago, when first started...I will never find another one like that! You are right, we can't keep it all!!

  2. I guess we all have those "hard to get over" sales. I too, had a dress form, similar to yours that I sold. Six years later, I STILL have seller's remorse! I really need to let it go for goodness sakes..Oh well, the hunt has always been to find another one...and I'd probably sell it too and start the whole process over again! Guess I have a problem! Grin


  3. In your vacation post you found a lot of cool things. I can also say that in the years I've been in this business I too have regretted selling several things. A few I've had the fortune of buying back, but there's still one treasure I've begged the girl that bought it to please sell it back to me, but she's yet to even though it's just in her storage. Oh well, maybe next time I'll remember this lesson. Have a great day, T

  4. Sandi
    I just read your note on my blog and it dawned on me taht I have been to your shop, I am sure!!Last year hubby had business in Paso Robles and of course I tagged along to shop. He left me for the day and went into the wine country for business. Is your shop kind of off the main street and a cute cottage? If it's the one I thinking of...What a great shop and I opened my pocket book for some great finds....lots of watch facesand fun stuff in the patio.....

  5. I understand that feeling perfectly, Sandi! But, I also know that a new treasure is just around the corner! Nice posting and lovely music. Hope to see you soon!

  6. Ohhhh I love that dress form and have been looking for one forever like that ! Yes, those are very hard to find and definitely keepers ~