Saturday, May 16, 2009


I always knew life at The Cottage was charmed, now I have proof!!

We just received a shipment of darling charms!

Some come with their own chains, some can be added to your own chain or we have chains in the store for sale.

These are Beveled Letter Charms made by Pan Johnson. She does an amazing job as these are made with beveled glass and hand soldered, she then prints the initials on vintage sheet music with fun sayings printed on the backside. Very popular!

Also just in ball charms. Because the glass is rounded, it gives the image inside a 3D effect. Fun!! These are on 36' chain.

These monogram charms are cast off of a vintage watch fob, and reproduced is sterling plate and come already engraved with your initial.

More Charms! These come with initials, fun images and the newest styles are large flowers . These all come two sided so you get two for the price of one. Gotta love that !

So as you can see The Cottage is charming!!
(ok, enough is enough, I couldn't resist)

Have a wonderful weekend, Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Of course, The Cottage is "charmed" for many reasons! I love your shop, and I love the new jewelry, Sandi! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Sandi! LOVE your music!! Yes.. besides the wonderul new charms.. your life is charmed to work in that beautiful shop, surrounded by things you love! I need to stop by soon!