Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New goods at The Cottage.....

This sign reminds me of  the Charlie Brown "Happiness is......." craze, remember?? 
(guess I'm dating myself a bit)
I guess you could say this is a new take on that phrase..
a little more industrial looking
 and maybe not so warm and fuzzy as Charlie's version....
but we love this sign !!

We just received a shipment of
lamps with custom made shades
 in some wonderful fabrics

Dash and Albert rugs
and pillows just arrived !!
(you see their rugs in all the magazines)

I guess by now if you have ever been in the store
you may have noticed my
 fascination with branches
  and what can be hung on them....
Sooooo, I said to myself why not gloves....
What do you think ??

(actually these were for a
 holiday project that I never got around to)

Thanks for stopping by, Sandi

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