Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Pittock Mansion

I was recently in the Portland, Oregon area and had the opportunity to visit a beautiful estate known as The Pittock Mansion. It 's an amazing place!! The interior of the house it's self is just as as if the family who lived here in the early 1900's had just stepped out for the day, beautifully preserved with all the original fixtures, marble staircases and all. No inside photography was allowed so I will just be able to share the outside with you. The house is stone and is surrounded by amazing gardens.

Even the window boxes are beautifully planted!

View of the front entrance

The back side of the property

In the early 1960's, this amazing property was to be torn down because it had fallen in such disrepair, but the citizens of Portland organized and saved and restored this wonderful place.

If you ever find yourself in this beautiful part of the country,
you will have to tour the estate, I could have moved right in!!


  1. can almost image how the inside looks,,I love older homes.

  2. The home's exterior and landscaping is so inviting....just pulls you in! Great photography, Sandi! I'll put it on my places to visit! Thanks for stopping by my booth at "Remnants." It was so good to see you!