Monday, April 27, 2009

The Hunt

People often ask me where I find things for the store, and I wish I had just one place, it sure would make my life a lot easier, but the truth is I am always on the look out for unique treasures for my customers. Sometimes I come home with a full load (see photo), and sometimes I come home empty handed, but it's always the thrill of the hunt that keeps me going!!

Note: the funny green thing in the back of my car is a wonderful, to die for (really), wicker table with the best color of green paint. It's on it's way to the store this week, so stop by and take a peek.

Happy Monday,



  1. Sandi!!! That green wicker table,,. does intrigue me..unfortuantely my allergies have me house bound with all this wind in Cambria...I am looking forward to feeling myself again and going on the "hunt" in neck of the woods! Marlene

  2. Well, look at you Shopgirl, Bloggirl! For a minute, I thought that was the back of my vehicle! I can't wait to see your new finds!